What the MBG Has Done

The Montana Bicycle Guild started as a collaboration of Helena-based mountain bikers interested in creating an organization that could bring our ever-growing user group together for fun events, trail work, and advocacy.  Ultimately, it was a combination of people from different professions who were linked by a passion for man’s noblest invention: The bicycle.

Since being founded in January 2014, our CV grows by the week with an ever-increasing amount of projects we’re involved in.  Here’s just a sample of what we’ve done and hope to continue doing:

  • Trail building and/or trail maintenance on a weekly basis throughout the summer
  • Putting on multiple races each summer through the Montana Enduro Series (and all the hard work we do leading up to those races)
  • Hosting events such as movie premieres, fundraising events at our awesome local breweries, and an end of the summer party on the trails we build
  • Keeping everyone informed and involved with what we’re doing on the trail side of things by hosting public trail meetings on a monthly basis (like us on facebook to keep up to date with those meetings and everything else we do)
  • Putting in the leg work by creating public comments on state and federal land issues for mountain bikers to easily submit
  • Collaborating with different organizations, government entities, and other mountain bike user groups throughout Montana with the goal of reaching common ground, achieving better mountain biking opportunities, and improving our unique mountain biking culture
  • Group mountain bike rides on a weekly basis

Despite all we’ve done in the last several years, the Montana Bicycle Guild continues to work hard to make Montana a better place to live and ride.  Since none of us get paid for the work we’re doing, its our collective drive and passion that makes this all happen.  Get in touch with us and get involved!