MBG’s Trail Advocacy

MBG Trails Committee:

Through our Trails Committee, we’ve been working hard to advocate on behalf of mountain bikers in the Helena area and throughout Montana.  Our trail advocacy involves coordinating and working with private land owners, organizations, and government agencies to develop, maintain and implement both new and existing trails.  Much of that involves behind-the-scenes work that often doesn’t receive the well-deserved recognition that it deserves.

Forest Plan Revision:

Recently, we’ve been involved in the Forest Plan Revision for the Helena-Lewis & Clark National Forest (HLCNF).  Since the existing Forest Plan was adopted 30 years ago in 1986, this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to get involved and have an impact on mountain biking opportunities in Montana.  We’ve been heavily involved with commenting, organizing, and educating mountain bikers so that we’ll have a big impact on the new Forest Plan.

The big takeaway: It is extremely important that the HLCNF receives your comments on each phase of the Forest Plan!  By doing all the leg-work on this, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to submit comments.  Remember, they’re YOUR comments — you can edit the documents as you see fit.  And, if you want to do your own research or get a better idea about this whole thing, the following link should point you in the right direction: HLCNF Forest Plan Revision Page.

This process will take several years to complete, so if you want to get involved or have any comments or questions, please send an email to: denny@montanabicycleguild.org.  The following are the comments we’ve completed thus far and those that we’re actively working on.

  • Desired Conditions Comments.

Comments on the Forest Plan’s Desired Conditions were completed on January 15, 2016.  Since the commenting period has passed, additional comments cannot be submitted.  However, you can check out a PDF copy of the comments submitted by the MBG (the template we provided for people to submit was nearly the same as this PDF document).

  • Wilderness Inventory

The next phase of comments relates to the HLCNF’s Wilderness Inventory.  These comments are due by close of business on March 11th, 2016!  Please check our our Wilderness Inventory Comments page to download a template of the comments and to get yours submitted!