Wilderness Inventory Comments

The Montana Bicycle Guild is trying to make it as easy as possible for people to submit comments to the Forest Service — this time on Wilderness Inventory areas, which is the first out of four stages for recommending new wilderness to Congress. This should only take a couple minutes to submit your wilderness inventory comments, so please take the time to submit them!! The more people that submit comments, the more of an impact we’ll have on the future of mountain biking here in Montana. Also, please forward a link to this page to everyone and anyone that may want to provide comments. Important: All comments are due by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 11, 2016!!


Click on this link to access a template of the HLCNF Wilderness Inventory Comments in Microsoft Word format.  We’re doing it this way so everyone can easily edit the document and submit comments.  Don’t have Microsoft Word?  You can use Google Docs for free to edit this document and save your comments!

Before submitting, here’s what you need to do:

(1) Include your name and contact information in the spaces provided at the top of the document because the Forest Service needs to know who its from.
(2) Make any of your individual comments (if any).
(3) It’s easiest to save the document as a PDF by clicking “Save As” and choosing “PDF” from the drop-down menu.

Now you’re ready to submit your comments!  You can email your comments (don’t forget to attach them!) to: hlcplanrevision@fs.fed.us

or you can print the document and send your comments via postal mail to:

Liz Van Genderen
Helena National Forest
2880 Skyway Dr.
Helena, MT 59602.

Again, please feel free to revise the document or add certain comments that we may have missed so it reflects what YOU want the Forest Service to consider.  These comments are intended to be from you, so make as many changes as you want or none at all — just trying to make it as simple as possible.

Additional Information:

By doing all the leg-work on this, we tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to submit comments. However, if you want to do your own research or get a better idea about this whole thing, the following link should point you in the right direction: HLCNF Wilderness Inventory Planning.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to submit comments! It’s crucial for the mountain bike community to come together, get involved and show their numbers to the Forest Service. This is a huge opportunity to impact which areas will be designated as wilderness — and thus closed to mountain biking forever — so spread the word!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Denny at denny@montanabicycleguild.org

The MBG would also like to thank the many individuals and bike organizations from around the state that submitted photos and trails in the wilderness inventory areas to help create these comments!  This was a collaborative document and we could not have done this without all their input and help.